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What Do Consultants Do?

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Achieving Goals Through
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What would it cost you to hire us?  

The cost of a project depends on its scope.  

In all instances, we will have to establish an open relationship, enabling us to better understand your company (or department) and its needs.

After all, it is your interest, as well as ours, to achieve the objectives you wish to achieve.

For example:  If you contact us wishing us to improve your customer service delivery, we will have to learn from you the present state, your observations, what it is which bothers you with the present state, the quality of your supervisors and employees, their degree of know-how, overall work motivation and attitude.   

We will also need to see two or three job descriptions, since these may lack guidance and direction with regard to customer service, and may need revision as a first step.

We wil also need information on feedback received from customers.

Sfter this preliminary assessment we will discuss with you alternatives for achieving the desired objective.  You will choose the alternative which best suits your company and the budget at hand.

If all you want is a "refresher" training presentation, we can discuss this too.  The fee would vary depending on logistics (venue, distance, etc.).

Or your management may experience a common problem, where you have supervisors, who are very good in their own sphere but who do not actually work together towards a common goal, i.e. real team-work.

Such a scenario would require several face-to-face conversations with all parties, or phone communictions in case of distance consulting.  

In some instances, we may present you with a proposed activity for you to implement to solve this problem, or conduct the activity ourselves.

Each case is different, and so is each company and its players and circumstances.

In management consulting we are able to quote a fee only after completion of the required needs assessment.

For one-on-one coaching of one or more persons in your company, following a preliminary assessment, we will be ablel to quote an hourly fee.

Please rest assured that our fees are extremely reasonable.    

Please always provide full identification when contacting us, with no "generic" addresses (no @hotmail or any of the free mailbox address but your verifiable company email address and full physical location, with telephone numbers).  We will respect your privacy and confidentiality.  However, when people approach us in the name of a company but do not provide all required details we have to cross-check the validity of the communication with the company itself. 

If you are a training or consulting company who wishes to have a new program set up by us, please explain to us the full intent, and remember that we never give away copyright to others.  We will be willing to discuss a joint venture or subcontracting.    We do not subcontract to individuals.  

If you need help, do not hesitate, contact us and speak to us openly about your problems and budget.

We invite you to subscribe to our free monthly newsletter at .   

If you only wish a short discussion and quick consulting over the phone, please see our visit Quick Advice offer at

Please use our contact form at giving full details and descriptions for your initial contact.  Thank you.

Listing for the forthcoming book on Employee Motivation is at

Listing to be advised on the re-opening of our discussion forums is at

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