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Great Domain Names We Coined and Value

If you see the same value we see, and feel
must own one for your business success
make an offer we cannot refuse!


As you can see, the list of domains applies to businesses related to hospitality, consulting, training, workshops, customer service, and even a lively site for brainy guys, while some of the domains with "train" and "training" also apply to health and sports businesses.
Please use the form at specifying which domain name interests you and which extraordinary offer (in U.S. Dollars) you are ready to make because you know you must have it for your online business.  We will respond only to those who submit their complete details with a verifiable e-mail address (not a generic e-mail address such as @ hotmail or @ yahoo for this first contact).   Please identity yourself and your business.  Thank you.

Please note that we have no time to answer people who do not provide their complete details and do not say how much they wish to pay for each individual domain name.   Do not "copy" our entire list but say which domain you wish to purchase.  We can safely tell you in avance that we are ready to part with some domain names only if you make a most extraordinary offer.  

Thank you.

Claire Belilos
Chic Hospitality Consulting Services
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Telephone: (604) 685-8449 / 687-8443 PST
Mailing Address: #3007-1011 Beach Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6E 1T8
(Because of spam we have removed our e-mail address from all our pages)

In the meantime they all point to our home page at except for one.





When filling out the contact form to make your offer at do not forget to specify in the comments section which specific name you are interested in, and what your offer is.  Thank you.