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Safety & Security in
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Job Descriptions: Dead Wood
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Energize Your Team

Achieving Goals Through
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Cross-Training as a Motivator

How can I motivate my Employees?

New Managers and
Supervisors Expected
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Think Strawberries
A lesson in creative management,
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"If" by Rudyard Kipling,
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Networking on the Net
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New Department Heads and Supervisors are Expected to Create Motivated Teams as Soon as They Take Over regardless of the problems they themselves encounter in their new positions.

Emergency Management, Emergency Planning, Safety and Security

More on Cross Training in issue No. 27 of December 12th, 2003 added to our original article on cross training at

Anyone who inspires others, creating followers, is a leader, regardless of rank.   Spot those leaders in your organization and use them for positive purposes.

We must now look at customer loyalty, department heads and employee loyalty from more realistic perspectives.  It is a whole new dimension.

Identifying the reasons for Employee Turnover:  You have to dig beneath the surface, use powers of deduction, and come up with creative solutions.   You also need all the gifts you have to come up with a new, creative way, of generating business.

Serious problems in the organizations are often swept under the carpet.  One of the most important responsibilities of managers, supervisors, and consultants is to solve problems.  One cannot continue doggedly along a certain path if the problem persists.  This is an indicator that the path and tactics were ineffective or that there was a “wrong take” on the problem. One tends to throw the blame on “others".........

Some Suppliers, depending on the nature of their business, can conduct cost-free training for your employees - use them!

Management Communications in the Workplace - are all those memos really necessary? and how do others perceive what you communicate?

The main issue raised here is the deplorable “Us” and “Them” syndrome between management and employees, which seems to be quite widespread, causing much of the lack of motivation and loyalty on the part of employees. Instead of working together to build a healthy organization, where everyone can advance and prosper, offering the very best service to customers, the abyss between management and employees seems to grow larger.

It is not only managers who are to blame, but also labour unions, some of the many lawyers who are always ready to enrich themselves by encouraging employed people to sue organizations even in unjustified circumstances, as well as employees and ex-employees, ready to jump at a chance to sue........ (followed by explanations of what positive organizations do instead).
"Walk the Talk" - We cannot demand from employees unless we ourselves conform to the values and standards we demand from them.  This is one of the first steps to take when sowing the seeds of employee motivation.  There is no "partial" motivation.  Employees must trust and respect us, see that we do everything within our power to run the business efficiently to make it a success.  We cannot throw this responsibility on them.  We lead and prepare them to be able to follow as per our (and customers') expectations.  It is up to us to demonstrate how to leave personal interests on the back-burner and work together to achieve organizational success.

Blend employees personal values with corporate values.  Discuss, share, find the common denominators.

The Astronauts of the Columbia space shuttle and their families formed unshakable bonds of friendship because of the values they shared despite their different backgrounds.  What made the late Israeli Astronaut Col. Ilan Ramon the darling of so many?  The personal values which led him to ask for kosher meals from NASA (out of respect for Jews everywhere, though he himself was a non-observant), a symbolic object from the Holocaust to carry in space, conduct a Sabbath blessing in space, and communicate the serene beauty of mother earth as seen from space, urging to defend this beautiful globe "with all our hearts".

Corporate values are not just a formula one comes up with to please others.  They must be regularly revisited and discussed.  They must be responsibly applied.  Responsibility goes beyond the interests of the owners and shareholders.  

Customer Service is more than a smile.  Before you plan for Customer Service training for your staff, review the basics:  What do your job descriptions and employee manual communicate?  Are they tools which actually explain to employees what your company is about, your values, your goals, your marketing objectives, and what is expected of them?

Do today's technological facilities such as in Call Centers make the customer experience more enjoyable or more frustrating?  Read the Fast Company article and feedback on the subject at

Little does the caller know:  Some Call Centers are located in remote countries such as India to cut down on payroll and operational costs

Identity Theft by Employees:  Do you cancel and change passwords and access codes as soon as employees leave the company?

Gourmet Meals on Flights:  Suscriber Kevin Fields (U.K.) explains why airlines can never compete with "gourmet" restaurants (we lose 30% of our taste ability when we are over 35,000ft. in altitude.

Are our expectations of employees too high?   Do we take into account temporary human failings?  Do we expect nothing less than perfect performance?  Of course we do!... but what guidance and support do we provide?

Theft and Disloyalty by Company Staff - What are we supposed to do?  Report or not?  What are the ramifications in either case?

How to make the best use of Students and Management Trainees

Be specific when defining Training Needs - State clear, results-oriented Training Objectives.  Express these in terms of "trainee learning and behaviour"

Who determines what Quality is?
The Customer?  Management? Employees?

Can we ignore Problems? Since all humans and businesses are inter-dependent, we encounter problems which need to be resolved.  The sooner the better.   Sweeping them under the rug causes them to fester.   Kicking them off a mountaintop causes them to snowball.

When you have a supervisor or employee who is frustrated or impatient for promotion, what happens when you shut your eyes and ears to this situation?

When you become aware of an employee or other entity who tries to incite trouble, but you choose to ignore it, what are the results?

When you ignore or postpone handling of justified complaints, what is the outcome?

How should you handle Disruptive Customers and Obnoxious People?

It all boils down to Respect

Service Personnel are NOT Servants but Professionals providing Service

Employee Bonding at the Workplace
- This is a phenomena worth studying, thinking about, and acting upon.

Look around to discover the great services people's minds have conceived, finding solutions to economic challenges!  Appreciate all "creations", not forgetting input by employees.

Breach of Company Ethics begins with little acts such as "taking" paper clips for use at home.

"Fun" at Work should happen as a result of effective management and programs and is not to be aimed at as an "Objective" in itself, which would make everyone forget actual company goals and the real objective of programs and activities.
Question from a Subscriber:

"       What concerns me most is the low morale among employees, feelings of "its not my job", finger pointing etc.   This holds especially true among dietary aides and hostesses. The two groups seem to be at odds with each other, hostesses don't think the aides do anything, and vice versa.... I often find myself stopping people from bad mouthing the other group, etc. They just don't recognize that the other is part of the team, with the same goal of getting the work done. We often joke that, if they spent as much time working as they do griping, the whole dept would be a better place.
"       They give the new people very little patience, before they turn on them and do the same thing.
"       The situation has now improved because, at least in the hostess group, we are getting some softer spoken employees, which is a breath of fresh air.  However we still have a long way to go.
"       Why does it seem like the employees who are the best workers are also the ones with the biggest mouths???  "

Additional Safety and Security tips:  Check recruitment practices, check on existing employees, implement policies whereby no member of the staff can bring or take parcels in or out of the workplace, regularly check employee lockers, handbags and purses, tightly control all “exits” (especially in the back-of-the-house), have exits manned by security officers, forbid previous employees from entering the workplace unless they obtain prior approval in writing (which they should bring along or be denied entry), instruct and train employees regarding these subjects, insisting that they immediately report any unattended bag, parcel, or luggage...............

Feedback and Questions from Subscribers with responses.

Different Worlds and Cultures converge at the Workplace.

Always explain "why" and "how" to managers, supervisors and employees if you want "learning" to occur.

Remember the "what's in it for me" precept which is the main motivator of all people.

Cross Training solves many performance problems and helps people advance their careers.

People with physical handicaps often prove to be excellent performers.  Learn how to treat them with more humanity as explained by Mr. Mark Leeds in his article "Think Before you Speak or Write",
From Rights and Responsibilities People with Disabilities in Employment And Public Accommodations, Mark H. Leeds (City of New York 1990)

The Pros and Cons of Online Testing for Service Personnel

Employee Incentives

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