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arrow1.gif Do you often wonder, as most Managers do, what it would take to make your Supervisors and employees love their jobs and behave as if the business belonged to them as a team?

arrow1.gif Do you want to see them act more responsibly, solve problems on their own, and do the work they were hired to do?

arrow1.gif Do you wish that they would stop fighting and bickering, but pool their efforts and knowledge instead, to improve and expand the business?

arrow1.gif Do you wish that Customer Care was innate by them and you wouldn't have to constantly remind them what service is all about?

Do your employees and managers sometimes act like they're on two different teams -- or different planets?

arrow1.gif" Are they always blaming each other?

arrow1.gif" Do you find yourself busier solving problems they create than using both your time and theirs gainfully?

arrow1.gif Are you one of those managers who can never tell how his people will perform right there on the front line, where it matters, till you hear complaints from your customers?

arrow1.gif Do you dream of having a team who continuously come to you with great ideas?

arrow1.gif Do you want to feel that they all come to work because they love their job and not only because they are being paid to do so?

arrow1.gif Do your best performers leave you for the competition? or, worse yet, leave you to open a competing business of their own, taking away most of your market along with them?

These are the issues that are uppermost on every manager's mind. People management does not have to be the biggest thorn in an organisation. It is just a matter of setting up a well-lubricated management fabric to win the ideal employee attitude and performance every manager and business owner dreams about. If any of these scenarios sounds familiar, or if you just know that your team should be doing better, I can help you!

With our Consulting expertise, based on many years of "hands on" work and study, you'll discover:

arrow1.gif How effective management, internal communication, training and development strategies will lead all your people to share company goals, give the best they have to offer, treat your customers like guests and act like a real team.

arrow1.gif How to get Supervisors and employees not only "deliver" as expected but turn into the best *star performers* you ever came across!

arrow1.gif A way to setup an integrated system map of individual training and development activities which will merge company goals with employees' personal and career goals.

arrow1.gif How to turn your company into a MAGNET that attracts and keeps *STARS*.

arrow1.gif How to "wean" your Supervisors from upper management and instill in them the confidence and motivation they need to take charge of their own development and career course.

arrow1.gif How newly promoted supervisors can "hit the floor running" every time!

arrow1.gif How to grow your business by stoking the embers of creativity within ALL your employees.

With my 25 years experience in people management, employee motivation and Hospitality, I'll help you to find, mine, and polish the hidden treasures within your existing organization! You can get started now by filling in the form below.   If you need help, it is time to realize that your people are your most important asset and worth investing in.  There are no quick or generic answers.  You probably know this by now.  We offer first class, custom-designed consulting and one-on-one coaching.  Our fees are project-based.  It is our expertise that we sell to help you solve problems and make your company and people move forward.

If you wish to discuss a consulting project for your company, please complete the form at

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