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Safety & Security in
the Workplace

What Do Consultants Do?

Job Descriptions: Dead Wood or Living Tools?

Defining Service

The Learning Organization

Demystifying Training Design

New Employee Orientation

Beyond Training

Seeing Things from the Customer's Perspective

Understanding Employee Drives and Motivations

Cross-Training as a Motivator

How can I motivate my Employees?

Managers & Supervisors
Expected to Create a
Motivated Team

Think Strawberries
A lesson in creative management,
employee training and sales!

"If" by Rudyard Kipling,
wise words of advice

Networking on the Net

Your Electronic Signature
As A Marketing Tool

Marketing Your Business
on the Web

Achieving Goals Through Training & Development

Energize Your Team

Domain Names for Sale for: Trainers, Consultants,
Hospitality Professionals

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Many Managers, department heads, supervisors and other individuals have pressing problems for which they want immediate expert assistance, someone to point the finger in the right direction regarding a puzzling situation or question.

People write to us with a pressing situation, wanting a quick tip, advice, or guidance, without necessarily having to make a decision or seek budgetary approval for a more comprehensive consulting project.

Problems range from how to motivate employees, have a supervisor perform better, cut down on absenteeism, write job descriptions, redefine the company's mission, give a more effective framework for the employee manual and newsletter, how to evaluate performance, improve customer service, internal communications, design a training strategy for new employees, and a myriad of organizational and operational issues.

Some enquirers want career advice, revision of their resume or guidance on how to apply for the desired position.   

Our Quick Assistance phone consultation is on a pre-paid basis, at the rate of US$225.- per hour.   Canadian clients are subject to local taxes.  Payment arrangements can be easily made through Money Market (Canadian representative of Western Union).

For people and companies not located in Canada, prepayment for a one or two hour consultation can be effected by sending a Western Union check to our mailing address (see below) or a Western Union money transfer for four hours or more (while a money transfer  costs the sender about $35-$40, a Western Union check costs next to nothing).    

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We will be happy to respond to you after verification of information submitted, inform you if your service request falls under our Quick Assistance category, and proceed from there.    

NOTE:  In conformity with the CAN-SPAM law, we can, and will, respond only to communications containing your full name and full street address (no post office boxes!), correct and complete telephone number, and other details required on the contact form

Please note that consulting fees are non-refundable.  It is a matter of trust in the quality of our service and your choice to make.

Thank you for your interest and your visit.  We look forward to establishing a closer relationship with you.  Most of the people reaching these pages and lingering on them are people in constant search of knowledge. improvement and new ideas. We are of the same mettle because we too are continuously striving for excellence.

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