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ISSN 1496-3361
Vol.1, Issue #10 - June 15, 2001
Training as a Means, not an End


"Response to a question received by e-mail:  I will let you in on a big secret:  In all matters of training one should focus on the desired "end result", i.e. the "training objective" aka the "learning objective.  One must have a clearly defined objective and then work backwards to pave the way to reach it

Reaction from enquirer: I see.  What you are saying is that a training activity is not an end in itself but actually the means by which one can reach an end.

Although we never met, I know that before undertaking any training activity, this enquirer will first clarify the performance objective to be achieved and then work backwards to plan it:  the method ("the training process"), training aids, logistics, timing, and evaluation.  

A word or two about evaluation.  There are several aspects to consider, for which different evaluation tools are used:

I. Evaluation of the training activity as per "trainee" feedback:

a) the trainee's evaluation of instruction (and instructor)

(b) the evaluation of the activity itself (content, aids, timing, etc.)

II. Evaluation by the instructor of the training:

a) Evaluation of the trainees' knowledge, know-how, level of comprehension and other factors before the training takes place

(b) Ongoing evaluation of the trainees' progress

(c) Post-evaluation at the conclusion of training, i.e. evaluation of the trainees after the training has been completed.

(d) Post-evaluation when the rainees are back at work (or in life) to see if their performance, skills, and/or behaviour is in line with the training objective.  This is the essential "follow through" stage.

It is worth mentioning here that the evaluation of quality and content of instruction (I. above) is conducted in two phases:

(a) Mid-term (in order to correct any perceived shortcomings)

(b) At the conclusion of the training  (to get final evaluation by the Trainees on the overall program).

Training shouldn't take place if not performed along the above lines since it would only be a time- and money-consuming aimless activity. Several people in charge of training carry out activities just for the sake of carrying out activities or to justify their job positions.  This is why you often hear managers complain about a continuing state of affairs (perpetuation of a problem) despite the extensive training given to the same supervisors and/or employees.

.... Do go back to the article Defining Training Objectives at to see how the writing of the objective affects the entire training process and results.

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Written and published by:

Claire Belilos   
CHIC Hospitality Consulting Services
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