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ISSN 1496-3361
Vol.1, Issue #13 - August 28, 2001
"Back-of-the-House" Morale



"  I receive many requests from complete strangers (usually Training Managers) who ask me to send them suggestions and information for "fun" training activities.  This seems to be the latest gimmick...."

" All training activities should be planned with a performance objective in mind.  This is why I do not understand having "fun" as an objective.  Do organizations pay managers and employees to have "fun" at work?  Then they can easily achieve this by putting some ping pong tables and chess games in a special "games room" but definitely not offer "fun" in the guise of a training activity.  Please correct me if I am wrong.  "

"  When one deals with issues troubling an organization and takes care of the basics then the "fun" atmosphere ensues naturally.  People enjoy being at work.  But first take care of the basics.  "

"  'Front' employees have their moments of glory before the outside world.  In addition to this they are "recognized" and acknowledged by management in different ways.

"  It is the forgotten "shadows" (back-of-the-house employees) we must pay particular attention to since it is they "who hold the fort".  They flit before our eyes when we tour the "back areas" or when they perform duties unobtrusively in front areas.   We dismiss them from our minds even when we see them.  Maybe we nod at them absent-mindedly but they know what we ourselves still didn't realize:  to us, they are nameless moving faces and bodies surrounding us.  We hardly sit down to count the many supervisors and employees who fall under the 'back-of-the-house" category.  We never wonder what they think and how they feel.  "

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Copyright © 2001 Claire Belilos

**  This publication is registered with the National Library of Canada,
Ottawa, ON - ISSN 1496-3361

ISSN 1496-3361
Vol.1, Issue #14 - September 30, 2001
"Safety and Security in the Workplace"


" .....Safety and security have taken prominence over all other subjects since the terrible tragedies of September 11, 2001.  Measures are being discussed on how to find the proper balance between these while maintaining every person's right to privacy and civil liberties.  I do not want to go political here but wish to point out that the same discussions and debates which take place nationally and internationally apply to the workplace.  Although this is not the main subject of this newsletter issue, this dilemma cannot be dismissed but must be highlighted before speaking of safety and security.

".......The main point to consider here is:  "WHOSE" rights are to be considered and take precedence over the other:  The rights of regular and law abiding people or the rights of criminals and suspects?  How can we ensure that those in power do not abuse legislations and measures implemented to maintain a safe and secure environment to protect the right "to living and well-being" of all members of society?  The U.S. Congress is quite busy finding solutions to the above right now......  

"......These very same points, when viewed within the context of the workplace,  bring up the subject of management's responsibility to ensure the owner's assets, and provide a safe and secure environment for its employees and its customers ("customers" is used here in its broadest general term, embracing all those who contact and visit the company and those who use its services and products, including the oft-forgotten suppliers, contractors and service providers of the company).  (followed by Guidelines and tips).  " 


ISSN 1496-3361
Vol.1, Issue #15 - October 25, 2001
"Measuring Service Quality through Dynamic Feedback"


In this issue we discuss:

*  The essentials of planning and organizing for Service
*  What makes "potentials" turn into Customers?
*  How loyal are "satisfied" Customers?
*  Getting real feedback through personal interviews
*  Resolving Complaints satisfactorily creates a bond
*  The benefits of inviting employee feedback and input
*  Clarifying misconceptions


Customer Surveys

Most businesses have Customer Questionnaires which they either place in an obvious location,  hand over to the Customer to fill, or mail to Customers with a return envelope.  The response rate and type of responses have indicated that such surveys do not reflect what the majority think. Many Customers do not fill questionnaires.  A great percentage of those who do, do not answer candidly.  They do not want to have to give explanations and just check mark all points as "good" or "average" when in fact they were dissatisfied with a specific product or service.  Those who fill questionnaires eagerly are either extremely satisfied or dissatisfied with the service.  We cannot consider the "extremes" as representing the majority..........

ISSN 1496-3361
Vol.1, Issue #16 - November 22, 2001
"Want to Motivate Employees?  Make your Business Healthy again! "


"  When the economy is down, leading you to pipe down and downsize your business, lay off staff and have the rest shake with uncertainty and doubts about the future, your first focus should be on how to make your business healthy.  Get your people together, discuss the economic and market situations.  Discuss the drop in sales and customer loss.  Ask for their help to turn the tide.  Toss around some ideas.  Ask them for their input.  Listen to them. Discuss with them various possibilities.  Brainstorm with all your staff, including lower-rank employees.  They can come up with business propositions you never thought of.  They know what other "markets" are still untapped.  They know what offer could be a sure winner with local clientele.  They will even come up with ideas to attract out-of-town clientele.  You have an invaluable resource right in your own backyard:  your "human capital".  Time has come to stop viewing them and treating them as robots and yes-men-and-women.  If you do not ask and do not listen, the loss is yours...................

"  The local market is manifold.  It consists of different market sectors which are usually untapped.  There are infants, children, youth, and individual adults.  There are different business sectors.  Individuals usually belong to different groups:  religious groups, sports groups, health/medical groups, executives, unions, associations, government departments, different industries, hobbyists, amateurs, professionals........and the list goes on.... ".  

Written and published by:

Claire Belilos   
CHIC Hospitality Consulting Services
Helping You with Practical Solutions to People Management
#2007-1011 Beach Avenue
Vancouver, B.C. V6E1T8, Canada 

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