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Excerpts from Easytraining
Insights Digital

Page 6 

All content copyright of Claire Belilos

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ISSN 1496-3361
Vol.1, Issue #17 - December 23, 2001
How efficient are you?


"   I was planning to do a piece on employee motivation for Easytraining Insights Digital this month.  However, reminding ourselves to reexamine our leadership and management style and practices takes precedence. It is essential to communicate with employees in these troublesome times, more than ever before.  We must discover what they think, offer support,  guide and train them during these stressful times.

Now is also the time to reexamine safety and security measures, reevaluate employees and win their cooperation and loyalty.

Do you also find yourselves watching and reading world news more than ever before?  Do you follow the economy too?  Some hooligans have thrown our more-or-less decent western world in disarray.  There seems to be a crazy intent to destroy western culture and people.  Time has come for people in the democratic economies, including labour movements and protestors, to take stock of their activities and operations.  Time has come to stop negative, aggressive behaviour. Other "negative" factors we have to contend with are spammers and hackers.  These latter people, as well as rioters who think they have a God-given right to riot, pilfer, be aggressive, invade people's privacy, and destroy security in all forms, add to feelings of uncertainty, hopelessness and lack of trust in a better (or, at the very least, normal) world.  

The latest attempt by a suicide bomber to blow up a U.S. plane is just plain ridiculous.  You can read details at:

How stupid could the "check-in" airline people be?  How can they let someone without luggage board a cross-continental plane from Belgium to the U.S.A. without conducting a thorough search and investigation?  How could they let someone looking so crazed and sloppily dressed buy a last-minute ticket in cash, check in with a "freshly baked" British passport under the name "Richard Reid"?   Unless the person processing check-ins was an accomplice working for the airline, we ask ourselves:  How well do employees perform their job?  Have they become robots?  Where is the mental alert and analytical thinking?  Or people care only if they themselves are at risk?  Is it fear?  Did the airline personnel fear to be killed on the spot if they showed some hesitation regarding that hijacker? What about the supervisors?  Were they around?  Do they come to work with their antennas on?  How good are they as supervisors?  Had they been "forcibly" promoted based on work tenure?  Have they been trained? Or, did some of the supervisors and employees join this airline and the airport in question based on ulterior motives?  Have they been "placed" there by terrorist organizations?  How efficient were the "global" recruiting and hiring practices of that airline?

What about airport and security personnel?  The article says that the terrorist looked like a person "possessed".  Are there no guards roaming around airports to spot dubious people?  Does the only passport checking being done carried out by ONE airline employee, whoever he or she happens to be?  Is there no organization and control?  No policies and procedures?  No training?  Or, do the authorities only have well-written papers collecting dust and no actual implementation?   More importantly: Do you really know WHO works for you, what they think, what they feel?

As far as government operations and government representatives go, isn't it time to devise a passport and other documents which cannot be forged? A system to spot stolen identities?  A strategy to catch forgerers?   Isn't it time that lawful bodies exercise at least the same degree of planning, organization and control as criminals?  to learn how to win the best in people under their employ?   Isn't it time to get busier with preventive measures than with damage control?......

...........Check your own operations and management style and be honest with yourself "How efficient are you?"............

Copyright © 2001 Claire Belilos

**  This publication is registered with the National Library of Canada,
Ottawa, ON - ISSN 1496-3361

ISSN 1496-3361
Vol.1, Issue #18 - January 28, 2002
"Bonding with Employees"


" Similar to friendly and family relationships, relationship with employees can be greatly improved if you create an environment and opportunities for them to bond with managers, supervisors, other employees and the workplace itself.  

When thinking about employee motivation, do not think about it only in your terms ("How can I motivate employees?) but try to put yourself in their shoes.  Employees want more than the paycheck.  They want to be acknowledged as human beings, be appreciated, form friendships,  have a support group and a "father figure" (management) they can depend on. They want to become an indispensable part of this entire framework.  

Even "misplaced" and overqualified employees begin to form bonds at work.  They bond with the organization itself, with some supervisors and with peers.  Once bonds are formed they overcome their initial frustration. Some even begin to forget initial plans and set impatience aside as soon as they form bonds at work.  This bonding extends to guests and suppliers.   

Once a manager understands this, he can focus some attention to encouraging employees to develop and strengthen bonds at the workplace.  When management takes the initiative and implements a strategy along these lines,  the bonds can be positively directed.  When left to chance, employees may create bonds with the "negative people" every workplace seems to have.  

Some examples of management strategy to help employees form bonds are activities and events such as the employee's Xmas or New Year party, a company-sponsored race or competition, a trip, all involving an actual presence and participation by managers and supervisors.  If you dedicate some thought to the subject, you will come up with creative ideas on how to reinforce bonds at your workplace.  

Bonds also help eliminate jealousies, work sabotage, lies, theft, fraud, and disloyalty.  Keep them busy with something pleasurable and with activities which will help them grow and develop.  You can give them "a treat", which has nothing to do with their work.  For example, you can buy or rent a NOVA video from the PBS  (   Last week I saw a most fascinating program about the Ark of the Covenant.   There can be a monthly "movie night" at the workplace.  It will cost only pennies to management and yet elate employees.  

When managers and supervisors bond with employees it must be a genuine effort and not come across as a pretense at playing "buddy".  Managers can always find time to know the names of employees, to greet them, to ask about their children, listen to their plans (education, buying a new car, future career aspirations), help with suggestions.  This does not have to take too long or cause unbalance in the manager-employee relationship.  It need not affect discipline.  It is just a matter of behaving in a human way to employees.  So many human resources departments call employees "our customers" (to prove being in style) without ever actually extending the minimal respect to employees as human beings!  Forget the "our customer" fad.  Just remember to have a human relationship with employees instead of the master-slave relationship most companies have.

Special attention should be given to new employees who carry fears of being rejected by fellow-workers.  Train and appoint old-timers to act as support, guides and trainers to new employees for at least three weeks. You have to train them and even let them role play.  Managers should be aware that old-timers often badmouth the company and negatively affect the attitude of new employees.  Some of them even teach newcomers how to cheat and lie.... ...................

(- snip - )

Written and published by:

Claire Belilos  
CHIC Hospitality Consulting Services
Helping You with Practical Solutions to People Management
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Vancouver, B.C. V6E1T8, Canada 
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