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Employee Motivation Book

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Claire Belilos
CHIC Hospitality Consulting Services
#2007-1011 Beach Avenue
Vancouver, B.C. V6E 1T8, Canada
Tel. (604) 685-8449/ 687-8442 PST

Happy to say that I have picked up again the writing of my recommended, tried, and proven, practical guide to employee motivation. Fill the form below so that you may be among the first to be notified when the book is ready for sale. In the "Comments" section, write "no comments" if you have none (the form does not work if there is no input). Thank you. You are also welcome to jot down your ideas on the subject in the "Comments" section.

This book is a practical guideline on proven techniques, which you can implement, one step at a time. It is not theoretical, philosophical, or psychological. It does not limit itself to guiding principles and management styles, but reveals the different techniques which bring results. It is based on proven methods and approaches which I myself implemented and came up with to solve bad situations. What you can call "inside secrets" and, in colloquial language, "tricks of the trade", directly revealed by someone who "did it". There are many techniques one should use on a planned and organized basis. There are also certain ways to approach certain problems. This is what this book is about.

There are excellent books on the market on supervision and management. This book will focus solely on motivation, explaining strategies and practical steps managers, human resources and training directors can adopt, one at a time, to create a motivated workforce. The guidelines and training strategies provided lead to improved work performance, create a team spirit in the organization, enhance communications, and prevent possible conflicts.

Employee motivation is a broad, complex, and elusive subject. The works of the masters have helped shape today's work environment, and many of the great works written in recent years are enlightening. Each author teaches us a lesson and opens a new window.

Managers and department heads, who have so much on their plate, want something they and supervisors can begin applying immediately with the resources they have "in house".

Besides its long-range benefits, this is what my book will do. It explains easy to implement organizational and training strategies and techniques managers can begin working with.

Your input and feedback will be more than welcome.

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