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Claire Belilos, President of CHIC Hospitality Consulting Services, is a practical, down-to-earth, "no nonsense", results-oriented professional who specializes in discovering the real issues affecting organizational performance and helps solve them with time and cost efficiency.  

Coming from a service industry background, augmented with substantial experience in training, instructional design and adult instruction, she has the ability to "connect" with people, winning their motivation to learn and to achieve success.  Her consulting and training activities are results driven, teaching others how to motivate themselves, focus on organizational goals and marketing objectives through team work and the sharing of objectives.

Claire is a certified adult instructor, training specialist and coach.  Her favourite role is that of "problem-solver".  She believes in the innate intelligence of human beings who, with the right guidance and training, can achieve dynamic success for their organizations and career-wise.     

She allied herself with other Consultants, specializing in different fields, in order to better serve client needs.  She helps managers design and implement winning strategies to create a learning and productive environment in the work place.  

She offers online training, coaching and consulting, publishes articles which proved to be of practical value to business owners and professionals world-wide.  Her internet activities, articles and newsletter, Easytraining Insights, are leading her towards more serious publications.  She is now busy writing a practical handbook on employee motivation for supervisors, human resources managers and training managers.  Her online articles have been recommended and linked on many university, training, human resources and management web sites.  

Following her tremendous success with online advice given on forums and distance consulting, she decided to publish a column on people management for newspapers and trade publications (date and source to be announced soon).

Kindly note that recent identity theft on the internet caused us to change some of the wording here:

During her fifteen years with three of the major luxury hotels of Hilton International, Claire covered most divisions and operational areas in an administrative and management capacity, including four award-winning years as Training & Development Manager in a prime Hilton hotel.  She acquired in-depth knowledge of hotel management through her active involvement in the opening of two major Hilton properties.  She was deeply involved with the formulation of policies, procedures, and operational manuals, following which she chartered for herself "on-field" training and a "cross training" program which saw her move divisions and even countries.  She developed a training system for five-star Hotels, and achieved local and international fame for one of these Hiltons in her training capacity, attracting to it the best last-term Hospitality Management students from foremost universities and hotel schools.      

Awards won:

  • Hilton International's Award of Merit for Training & Development
  • First Prize for Safety Training in the Service Industry  

Her Customer Service Viewpoints forum, unique in nature, has won recognition and has been written about in trade magazines.  List yourself to be advised of its new location at

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Languages:  English, French, and conversational knowledge of some others

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Tel: (604) 685-8449 / 687-8442 Pacific Standard Time
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