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 Writing Resumes which bring Results
Claire Belilos

Many qualified professionals, with great background experience and achievements, seem to have trouble writing an effective resume, a resume which will give a clear understanding of their educational background, a snapshot of what they accomplished throughout their career, their unique qualifications, and what they have to offer to the operation or chain who would be lucky to hire them.

The important thing is to qualify and quantify, to focus on all the "active" accomplishments, to demonstrate what specific improvements one could bring to the organization.

In view of the above discrepancies noted in the matter of resume writing and presentations to potential employers or clients (several professionals are found to be most capable of offering consulting or contract work), CHIC Hospitality Consulting Services is now offering you the opportunity to upgrade your resume presentation. Depending on your status and background, the fee varies since more time, communications, and revisions are needed for the higher positions until the resume genuinely grasps your "forte" and makes it clear which special benefit you have to offer.  

To avail yourself of this service, please use our contact form with your full details,  writing in the comment section some general description of your career status, your career goals and whether you have a clear resume ready to e-mail after payment has been effected.  

The fee for this service is paid by wire transfer or Western Union Money Order.  Depending on the amount it is either prepaid in full or in two instalments.

NOTE:  In conformity with the CAN-SPAM law, we can and will respond only to communications containing your full name and full street address (no post office boxes!), correct and complete telephone number, and other details required on the contact form.

You will be asked to send your existing resume.  After reviewing it, you will be interviewed regarding your past record, professional history, and career objectives. This will enable the re-writing of a more effective resume to achieve the results you want.  All information and data submitted must be correct.  We do not encourage "embellishing" the truth.  The help you get is to clearly verbalize your qualifications, experience and potential to employers in a way that will establish your unique appeal.   

Please do NOT send resumes until you have established contact with us and have processed payment.  Contact us first through our contact page at  This service is for resume upgrade for those people who already have a resume and not to write it from scratch.  Please prepare yourself will a full detailed resume so we will understand you better upon reading it.  Our service is to highlight your particular qualifications, gifts and accomplishments to that people reading your final resume will immediately grasp who you are, where you stand out, and what you are actually offering them.  

"Please" put complete names and addresses including real email address and company URL - No P.O.B.'s.   

Resumes must be sent in simple text format or in Microsoft Word 6.0 (no graphics or frames or scanned images please!).  For those not web-connected, you can phone from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PST (pacific time zone, such as in California) at tel: (604) 685-8449.

NOTE:  When sending email please make sure your email is not encrypted and put a clear "Subject" line in text only.   We receive hundreds of spam per minute and delete all encrypted emails (i.e. when the sender's name and the "Subject" line are encrypted (in codes, and not clear, legible text).  

Wishing you a great career!

Thank you for visiting. We hope you will find value in the free online information provided in our "how to" articles.

Claire Belilos, President
CHIC Hospitality Consulting Services
Vancouver, B.C.   Canada

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