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 Gain a Hospitality Edge and Improve
Work Performance with

CHIC Hospitality Consulting Services

Customer Service / Training & Development Workshops / Operational Consulting & Support / Problem-Solving/ Career Counseling
additional information at

Most Workshops are broken down into modules for easy adaptation to client needs
If you are a Training Provider or a Company who provides training for your own clients, wishing to use material to be adapted by us for your clients, you can always contact us with such requests.  Please provide complete details when contacting us for this purpose to facilitate communication between our two companies. _________________________________

Workshops for Managers and Supervisors:

Growing Your Business through Customer Service Excellence

Organizing Customer-Driven Operations

Planning & Organizing a Customer Satisfaction Strategy

Training and Managing Your People Successfully

Designing & Delivering Training

Ensuring High Employee Motivation

Writing Effective Job Descriptions and Performance Evaluations

Seminars for Employees:

Serving Customers with Care

Planning your Hospitality Career




Operational Consulting and Support

personalized problem-solving and project assistance

Writing of Organizational and Training Tools

Policies, Procedures, Job Descriptions, Evaluation Tools

Mystery Shopping and Customer Surveys

to help you monitor performance

and customer satisfaction


Career Counseling and all Other Personal Advice:  
Any person seeking such advice can avail himself or herself of our Career and Professional Counseling Service.  There is no time to continue answering individual questions be it from people wishing to receive personal career counseling or from people wishing to become Hospitality, Human Resources or Customer Service Consultants.  Please respect our time.  You may avail yourself of our Quick Advice service for a short consultation.  Also available: Resume Upgrade service which involves general career counseling.

Contact:  Use our
contact form to explain your specific need.  In case of a request for online assistance and activities for a group of supervisors, please indicate whether they feel at ease with internet activities.  Thank you.

 In conformity with the CAN-SPAM law, we can, and will, respond only to communications containing your full name and full street address (no post office boxes!), correct and complete telephone number, and other details required on the contact form

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