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Terms and Conditions

We thank all visitors, managers, fellow-professionals, and academics who establish contact with us after visiting these pages, exchanging ideas and/or asking for special permissions.

Please note that we welcome your putting a link to our site and recommending it.  However, the link cannot be on a "for profit site", i.e. web services providers and sellers whose site is restricted (for members only, whether paid or not, or an intranet site) cannot put a link to any of our articles.  

We welcome links from sites which are open to the public and accessible to any visitor. If a web services provider wishes to put a link from a restricted site, he (or she) must explain to us what the site is about, its terms and conditions, whether it is an online intranet or content sharing site, or if it is a corporate site, and allow us access to it so we may view it first. This will save us time. We sometimes receive requests from people who "sell" content, asking us to give our own content for free, which is not acceptable. We are always ready to consider fair and reasonable proposals. Contact us through Thank you.

Some sites which deal with recruitment took the liberty of listing us and encouraging job seekers to apply to us, without our knowledge.  This led to additional spamming from job seekers.  This is why we kindly ask you to establish contact with us.  Thank you.  
This page had to be set up for those people who fall into the trap of thinking that what is featured on the web is "free for the taking", it isn't.  True professionals and ethical organizations know this. Material we see on the web is for reading by those who visit the site unless otherwise stipulated by the copyright owner.  Read the
Easytraining Insights Digital Newsletter issue on the subject.

Unfortunately we discovered widespread sale and plagiarism of our material.  Such violations are even brought to our attention by third parties.  This is why we had to put very strict wording on every page.  Everyone loves sharing ideas but no-one likes to have his/her material exploited by others.  This is intellectual property, to be treated like any other property.  We recently stopped writing to copyright violators.  We collect the evidence and pass it on to our lawyers.

Unauthorized use includes putting links to specific articles for actual training activities by others or uploading our page within frames on other web sites, intranets and other sites with restricted access without signing an agreement with us.  
We respect others and expect the same in return.  If you wish to use or republish our material
, contact us so we can discuss a licensing agreement if your organization is the type of organization we want to identify with.  When writing to us with such requests, submit your full name, position in the company or institution, name of the organization, URL, complete company address with phone number and fax; explain the context in which you want to use the material. 

We respect the copyright of others and make sure that our own copyright is respected.  Please note that copyright laws and regulations stipulate that one cannot claim "ignorance" when infringing on others' copyright.  Make sure ALL your employees, writers, content providers, and trainers conform to copyright regulations.  It is
your responsibility.  Copyright laws and regulations specifically say that one cannot "claim ignorance". We too deal with any discovered copyright violations seriously.   

Unless otherwise specified, material on the web is free for reading only:  not for copying, plagiarizing, distributing, uploading on other sites, republishing, syndicating, nor is it to be used by others without special written authorization and a licensing agreement.  Non-authorized use also includes the use of links for commercial purposes and training activities by others, e.g. you cannot put a link to an article of ours in order to conduct yourself a paid training session without licensing from me.  This applies to both private and public institutions and individuals
We have formed many friendships and partnerships with organizations who wrote and received licensing to republish and/or distribute our material within their organization. Instructors and Trainers write to us if they wish to use specific material for training purposes.  Licensing fees vary, depending on the type of training, audience, and how the material is to be used (handouts to complement another self-sufficient training session or if the training session is built around one or more of our articles). When contacting us for permission please provide all details for review by our legal counsel.

All material featured on this site is copyrighted.  If you made unauthorized use of our material before reading this page, please write to us giving details before we discover this ourselves.  You can always repair this situation before it escalates.  We receive e-mails from others drawing our attention to copyright infringement of our material.  This is appreciated.    

There is a fine line between the sharing of ideas and the actual use of someone else's writings and works.  Read Delgado-Martinez's explanations regarding copyright at and then return to this page to continue reading our terms and conditions.

Translations:  No translations into other languages are allowed unless approved by us and fully coordinated with us. All our articles are filed in the copyright office by calendar year. This includes approved translations for which we have to submit an exact print out citing URL and giving full name and address of publication.  You will have to coordinate all details with us and sign special agreements.

Fair Use:  Many misunderstand the principle of "fair use" regarding copyright.  It definitely does not mean you can take portions of someone else's writings to plagiarize or use. Fair use means that you can quote one or two sentences written by the author, giving full credit:  say from which article or book, written by whom, and giving full contact details of the author and copyright owner.  Even for this you must ask for permission and show exactly in which context you wish to include the quotation.

If you wish to obtain licensing to use our content, contact Claire Belilos through or by phone (see below), pacific time zone giving full details of your occupation or position, your company, the intended purpose and audience, name of publication or training course, and enclose the page/s and sample of where you wish to use any of our writings.  As explained above, this has to be reviewed by our legal counsel and licensing fees vary. Thank you.

If you wish someone else to read a certain article or portion of an article, give them the recommended URL.  Do not copy and paste.  Sending "portions" to others leads to serious copyright violations by other parties, basically begun by you (even if you had no such intent).  

Recent court ruling regarding digital content:,1283,44778,00.html

Attention Instructors and Trainers: There is a difference between recommending and referencing a site, URL, or article for reading and between actually using the said article for active instruction, testing or other purpose.  Please contact Claire Belilos for permission for use of content of the author before making such uses.  Without written approval, this is copyright violation.  Some have done this without our approval.  Do not wait for us to contact you.  Thank you.

Unfortunately, we just found out that some publications and web sites took the liberty of publishing and featuring our articles without asking us and without carrying our copyright notices, our contact address and the address of this home page.  This too is copyright violation.  Such actions lead to escalating cases of misuse, abuse and copyright infringement.  This is not the ideal thing to say on a web site dealing with positive management practices but it is worthwhile noting that we are pursuing legally discovered cases of plagiarism and other unauthorized use of our material (not only articles featured here but ANY material).

Plagiarism: All articles have been officially published on the site of Industry Canada as soon as written and published by us on our former home pages at, .and on this site.  Warning:  some "occasional" writers (mostly occasional consultants) published some of our articles claiming authorship for themselves.  Some of them offer (commercial) training with them without our permission.  Besides intellectual theft and unauthorized use, such behaviour causes us great damage and this is why we have to pursue such cases legally.  Such people actually cast doubt on our own veracity and authenticity.  Very soon, no-one will be able to know whose ideas and whose writings and programs these are, wondering whether we ourselves are genuine.  This leads to loss of reputation, loss of trust, and loss of business.  This is why we have zero tolerance for copyright violations.  

Several sites, approved by us, carry some of our writings. The approved sites carry hyperlinks to our e-mail and home page addresses and are "open" sites, not restricted to paid members and paid subscriptions.   However, we have not authorized the sale or syndication of any of our writings to date.  Many content sellers took the liberty of creating  business on many people's writings without authorization and without an agreement. Please send us the exact names, addresses and URLs of any such instances.

Irresponsible Uploading of other people's sites and pages on other servers:   Before you take the liberty of using the sites and services which enable uploading of other people's sites, pages or content, you must realize that this implicates you legally.  Many of those sites and services write in their terms and conditions for "membership" or "use of their site" that all content featured on their site becomes theirs, i.e. their ownership, theirs to do what they want with. When you upload someone else's site or content without that party's full authorization in writing, you are actually selling or giving away for indiscriminate use that person's property.  This can lead to serious lawsuits.  It is like going to a store, removing a product and giving it away free to someone else to sell.  This analogy explains it in clear, simple language.  The message is:  Do not upload the content of this site, any part of it, or any of our postings or writings to any content-sharing site or other site or service who now facilitate such procedures.  If a company or instructor wishes to upload or use our content for a certain purpose they should write to us to obtain authorization.

Links and Frames - Issues you should definitely read before linking or putting other people's material within your own "frame":  Until now, some sites made advertising and/or membership profits by building a "resource site" composed mainly of links to other sites.   This has become a controversial issue today, so read daily all copyright issues before you do this.  We, here, at CHIC Hospitality like to be asked before anyone puts a link to us.  Some sites do not suit our purpose.    Please contact us so we may visit your site and see what it is about, following which we will respond to your request.  There are other more controversial services who began "delivering" links to postings made by different people at different online forums and in newsgroups.  We do not approve to have anyone broadcast our postings whether done by the supply of a link or other form.  Read more about how this is in direct copyright violation in the article written by Brad Templeton at  I am sure Mr. Templeton would approve of this link I put to his "alert" on the subject of copyright.  

Please note that the content of this site is not to be used for commercial purposes, such as other parties conducting training with our material or including it in newsletter.  If you have such a request, please
contact us.

Examples of correct referencing and links:  Some Professors, Consultants or training sites, "recommend" reading one or more of our articles and put a link to it, without their drawing any financial benefit from the links they recommend.  

Examples of wrongful use and links: The same category of people and sites as explained above "include" our article or articles in courses and training activities for which people, institutions or organizations other than the author herself, Claire Belilos, conduct training activities with or without payment without the written authorization of the copyright owner and without signing a licensing agreement.

We find it regretful to have to post so many warnings on our site but it is widespread cybertheft activities and copyright violations discovered which have led to this.

Payments and licensing fees for the use, featuring or reprint of our articles are set depending on many factors and the context, which can be determined when you contact us and provide details.  Thank you.

Thank you for visiting and for your attention.  We welcome partnership proposals for specific projects.  Please remember to always include your complete details, as well as those of your organization, when writing  to us.   

Bookmark this site.  Books in print will be announced as soon as ready.   

Thank you.

Claire Belilos
CHIC Hospitality Consulting Services 
#2007-1011 Beach Avenue
Vancouver, B.C. V6E1T8      Canada
Phone: (604) 685-8449 pacific time zone

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