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What Clients, Industry and Associates say....

This is not the usual testimonial page. You will find some of the wonderful people who affected my life and whose lives I affected along business and professional lines, giving a reflection of the entire style and personality of our way of handling things. Consider it a sort of "Guest Book" with Client testimonials included. Thank you for visiting.

Note: My dear friend, Mr. Herman Holtz, famous Consultant and Best-Selling Author, passed away on the first weekend of March 2001. Since he meant so much to me, his testimonial will always be on top of the list.  Mr. Holtz's web site and e-mail mentioned here below are no longer actual but you can access some of his books at this page and find some of his articles through a search on the net.

I hope you too, visitor, will become part of the family of
CHIC Hospitality Consulting Services.  


Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998 07:36:18 -0400
From: h.holtz@worldnet.att.net (Herman Holtz)

Claire Belilos, is the most tirelessly persevering and thorough consultant I have yet encountered, relentlessly pursuing perfection in the smallest detail. She would certainly be my consultant, were I in the hospitality business.

Herman Holtz, author of "How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant".
WRITING & CONSULTING FOR THE BUSINESS WORLD Proposals, brochures, and more by retired corporate executive,  a best-selling author (65 books--so far!). New weekly column on freelancing at http://www.bellicose.com/freelance/. Report on writing & consulting, free on request: Herman Holtz <h.holtz@worldnet.att.net>


April 27, 2007

Subject: Easytraining.com Newsletter #66: Instructional Design - Training Design

I was an AF enlisted training manager for 20 years, retired and came back as a civilian training manager. ISD was an essential part of initial/continuous training. And, although I feel straight ISD is very boring and prefer a less structured style, without learning the essentials such as, identifying needs/trends, objectives, effective evaluation, and continuous improvement, I never would have been effective. Chasing your tail comes to mind.

You make ISD seem like a new exciting program. I thought it was kind of funny and had to respond.

By the way, I love your newsletters. They always give me something to think about.

I may not respond to your e-mails most of the time but I have a folder in Outlook where I refer to them for ideas. I'm sure a lot more people do the same.

Peggy Guenther
14th Services Division Training Manager


September 20, 2005

Hello Claire,

The following has been on my mind for quite a while and as an active participant to your email newsletter, I feel like it is appropriate for me to state it to you in writing.

Take it that you are more aware as to how many years we have actually been exchanging mutual thoughts on human resources its management, related training as well as motivational subjects. Over these years, I always came to understand that there is a very ‘actual-feel’ to the topics you presented. The factual information and support you provided me with, not only benefited myself and my team here at my location but as it appears also related professionals in the field who eagerly responded to the exchanges.

Your selection of topics have always been very timely and accurate plus the fact that they seem to ‘arouse the mind’ of the hospitality professional around the world; vividly.

Rest assured that beyond this short but very direct note, you can remain certain of my ongoing support and equally my ongoing recommendation to colleagues in the hospitality field who only can profit from your valuable expertise.

With collegial regards,

J.K. (name), CHA, CFBE, MIHCMA
General Manager
Sedona Suites Hanoi


June 5, 2002

"       Thank you for the URL you gave.  I have forwarded this to my Web-based learning colleague. I have also referred him to your site, in particular the explanation you give of your concern for intellectual property rights, something which we are going to need to attend to as well.

"       Let me thank you once again for access to your site and to the page Demystifying Training Design Defining Effective Training Objectives.   As I noted in my first mail I am involved in the training and academic development of lecturers in a mainstream university in South Africa which does not in any way involve itself in training for the hospitality industry.

"       Despite the differences in our purposes your description of the breakdown of the process so succinctly summarised much of the wider reading on the subject, and much of the wordier material I have designed, that although it is not directly applicable (being more psychomotor rather than the cognitive / affective we would need, for example) I would like to refer staff with whom I am working to your site, and to this page in particular.
"       My colleagues to whom I mailed the URL to your site have both expressed appreciation for the clarity of your 'unpacking' of the outcomes writing process - a delightful contrast to the bureaucratic wordiness with which we have had to contend in most of our officially supplied guidelines! I showed your material to my wife - a professor of ICT in Education, but formerly an IT trainer from the commercial world - and she too was impressed by the neat way in which you put the concepts across.

"       Many thanks and best wishes for your work in the future.  "

Kevin Williams
Academic Development Consultant
Rhodes University
Grahamstown, South Africa
+27 +46 603 8171


December 2001

As a business writer and researcher, I stand in awe of Claire's down-to-earth approach and clear, direct, writing style. Her ability to put her finger right on the pulse of the crucial issues confronting today's managers - and her skill in bringing her year's of experience in the hospitality industry and in consulting to bear upon their resolution - make all her writings a "must" read.
Azriel Winnett <azriel@hodu.com>
Author of "How to Build Relationships that Stick"
Betar Illit, Israel -


February 2001


I have just subscribed to your mailing list and would like to congratulate
you on a very refreshing service.

Apart from this, you underline my philosophy so exactly on many things. In
particular, going back to an earlier newsletter, I would like to endorse
your sentiments on Sharing Information in hospitality management. As I keep
stressing in my presentations, my goal when I was a hotel manager was to
support and empower my subordinates to such a degree that I would not have to do anything myself. Well, you never actually get there, but as close as
you can, the less the manager has to do, releasing him (her) to think about
the things they should be; "Management by Doing Nothing."

The messages managers send to their staff are also so important as you
said. The mind-set hotel managers usually learn is to look busy, serious,
intelligent and clever, rather than looking open, organised and fun. How
much wasted energy is devoted to maintaining this projection!

Finally, I feel that trust plays such a major role in good management; yet
it is usually an early casualty in many hotels I have worked in. Almost 98%
of employees upon whom you confer trust will repay it 100% back - with
interest. I actually worked somewhere, where the GM would not divulge the
hotel's occupancy or average rate to certain department heads he considered
did not need to know, because the information might spread to people who
shouldn't know. (At the time I was one such who shouldn't know - a Dir.

Looking forward to your future news.    Regards,

C. B., (Consultant in the Hospitality Consulting arm of a Swiss University)


February 2001

If this is going to continue, you will probably ask me for a portion of my salary, because I keep using your ideas to boost my lessons. (Ask you may, but get you won't ;-) Jens)

We have again discussed one of your topics in class and this is what my students came up with in answer to your statement about the permanence of a "company's personality"................. (students' conclusions to be found at the (List yourself to be advised about the new location of our Customer Service Viewpoints Forum at

Jens Hatje
Instructor of Hospitality Management Programs
Hamburg, Germany


I want to thank you for allowing me to feature your articles on my site at http://www.hr-info.com, which led to many positive comments among my clients and the human resources directors visiting the site.   Thank you again and best regards,

Tassos Tsapilis, President, HR-Info.com, Australia


January 2001

Hi Claire,

Thank you.

We're all honoured to be part of your newsletter.  I 'll make sure all of our staff will now be an example to others.

Let me send you good news: This January we will break our customer records to more than 28 000 customers!

kind regards.

N.L., Owner and Manager
Restaurant Fellini, Brazil


January 2001

Re: Your article on Benchmarking Human Performance

My 'official' title is Executive Director of Revenue Management, for "X" Hotel Chain (name omitted here) I work out of our Corporate office in Toronto.

I think we take unique approach to Revenue Management at our chain.  A combination of Revenue development & enhancement balanced with Guest experience initiatives and service benchmarks, to ensure our RevPar performance grows with guest satisfaction.  Historically we've found the success of one easily leads to the failure of the other unless managed in tandem.

That's one of the reasons I found your website and newsletter so intriguing. The 'intangible' value of our industry is so often ignored because it can't be placed on a balance sheet, yet a good proportion of a luxury hotel's 'value' comes from the service & experience perception of the guest.  

How do we reconcile the value of the financial statements with the value of the 'service' statements?  The concept seems to elude most of the accountants in our industry (and in general), but those of us involved in generating a return on investment know that satisfied guests mean improved profits, and guests are only satisfied through their interaction with the 'human touch' of a hotel.

It keeps the game interesting.  I look forward to receiving your next newsletters and gaining more insight in the evolution of service through discussions and information from EasyTraining.

With very best regards, 

AA, Corporate Executive Director of Revenue Management,
Canadian-American Hotel Chain

January 2001

I loved your latest insights on our industry. Sharing is
what we do to further the education and training of new hospitality employees, owner's and hopefully provide the kind of service we all expect regardless of venue provided.  

K.S., FoodService Consultant, New York


January 2001

Claire -

Great newsletter!  Thank you so much for your time, efforts, and enthusiam.  I appreciate your efforts greatly.

from a fellow-Consultant in the U.S.A.


January 2001

Re: Your newsletter issue on the Pillars of Customer Service

This is just excellent!  I've forwarded it to a couple of my young executive mentorees.

Eric Snyder,
TCM.com Inc, a Human Resources portal


January 2001

You have some truly great insights that you are sharing. I hope that you keep enough back for the book!!!

The scenario that you described this morning is a classic example of management losing track of what the operation is trying to achieve in an effort to make someone's life (the finance dept.) easier. Unfortunately it happens every day.

The material you send out every month is fantastic and is exactly what the hospitality industry needs.

The article on Effective Training really "hit the spot"

Jerry Pinder, Cordon Bleu, Australia


From a top Executive Chef in the U.S.:

I must say that i am quite typically inspired by almost every thing that i read from Claire. her ability to particulate a concept, gently throw on the table, & neatly brush the pieces into digestible little piles in order to illustrate her point. thank you, claire, for your unwavering commitment to excellence.


December 2000

Congratulation to you for bringing out such a nice and informative news letter. In fact the article on BENCH MARKING is an eye opener to most of the top and middle level executives.

Manager of a Society in India


October 11, 2000

The article "What Do Consultants Actually Do? Why Do Managers Hire Them? Whom Should They Hire As Consultant?" by Claire Belilos served as a tremendous resource in an orientation class for newly beginning consultants. I would most strongly recommend this article to anyone engaged in professional consulting.

Murray Gonzalez
Gulf Coast ProNet
"Murray Gonzalez" <murraygonzalez@erec.net>


August 2000

I read your paper "A Supervisor's Search for Solutions" and find it an excellent review of the facts and suggestions from the school of "hard knocks."

A must read for all new and seasoned supervisors and managers.

Best Regards,

Costas B. Chantzis, TechnoBusiness Solutions, New York


Hi Claire,

I want to let you know how much I enjoy the CHIC Hospitality site.  It's full of useful and interesting information.

I have put several links to your articles in the Business section of the Resource List on Canada Online (http://canadaonline.about.com).

Again, my compliments on a great information resource.

Hope to see you soon.

Susan Munroe


Orlando, Florida, July 10th, 2000

Dear Claire,

I am a manager of a high volume chain restaurant in Orlando at Downtown Disney.  I assist in running the front of the house. I have a list of challenges and the first one I want to accomplish is team moral. I am working on getting the staff to a higher level of excellent team service as well as ownership in what they do. Your articles help!! Thank you. We have pre-meal shift meetings every day and I am always looking for ideas and stories to bring to the crew.

thank you again:


From: "Sandeep Mamgain" <smamgain@vsnl.com>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 04:56:38 +0530

Hi !

I am a partner in a Software Company based in India.
I  would like to compliment you on the excellent articles that you have put up on your site. I found them very useful even though we are not in Hospitality Business. I feel they are relevant to any Service Business.  Keep up the good work.

Best regards,
Sandeep Mamgain
Director- ACS Services, New Delhi, India.bar4.gif 
July 20, 1999

An excellent site for students to reference, as the content validates what we are talking about in the classroom.

Guy Baker, Professor
School of Tourism and Hospitality
Seneca College, Toronto, Ontario
E-mail: guy.baker@senecac.on.ca
Web Site:


June 4, 1999

I have been to your web sites on numerous occasions.  The ideas presented in your article "Defining Service" clarify what service is all about and I used it, with your permission, to train my Department Heads.

Many Thanks

General Manager, of a U.S. Chain Hotel in Cairo


I have read a lot of your mailings to HRNET (of Cornell) and have come to know a little about you.  I
respect you and your work and wish you a very good future.

Thanks again,
Bob (a Professor at a University in the U.S.)


Claire, over the last several months, I have read your responses to posts. I am truly thankful for your intelligent thought provoking comments. You generally go beyond the basis stream of thought and provide very sound critical thinking to your responses. Thanks again, I wish you were part of my team at work.

Human Resources Director
(leading U.S. Telecommunications company)


Re:  Your article "Defining Service"

I read your article and it addressed some important ssues that we Account Managers often overlook or rush through.

Thank you for the information.  It will help me do a better job. 

Customer Service Account Manager, Call Center in Canada


Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 14:21:49 -0700
Subject: Great site!

Hi Claire,

Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful site -- it's full of interesting, valuable information. We're in the process of updating our Employee Orientation Program and I came across your site by doing a keyword search "employee orientation".

Your article offers a unique perspective on the process that I did not come across on any of the other sites I visited, which included things
like policies, checklists, etc.  Thanks :)

Maureen Malanchuk

Canadian Airlines
Human Resources Strategy & Policy
Communication Specialist
Richmond, B.C. V3N 4W5




Hi Claire,

I am enjoying your forum very much and learning a great deal from it. It is amazing to me that such a wealth of professional opinion and thought is available to me through your forum and I feel very lucky to be able to access this.

Customer service is my passion, especially as I am involved in an industry that traditionally does NOT have a good reputation!

Keep up the great work!

Jackie Jackson, Manager
Polar Motors Inc.
3297 West Oakland Park Blvd.
Lauderdale Lakes, FLA 33309
Tel: (954) 733-59888
Fax: (954) 733-2317
"Polar Motor Company" polar@bellsouth.net


Dear Claire,

I would like to briefly express how thankful we all are at La Ciociara Catering of having met you and given the opportunity to receive your professional advice on how to greatly improve our hospitality service. We have already received great reviews from our customers and there is a great deal more teamwork among our staff members.

Thank you.

Sylvio Papa, La Ciociara Catering, Vancouver, B.C. Tel:(604) 931-7161 Fiesta Pui Bella, Weddings & Banquets Catering Company



I thought to drop you a line to thank you for providing us with the leadership and tools to strengthen our yacht chartering services.

Your personal experience in the Hospitality industry, Human Resources, and business structures gave us the foundation to develop our team, product, market and service.

You created a very relaxed atmosphere with the round table meeting, successfully brought down animosity walls between co-workers, and allowed us to really take part in idea creation and decision making. I would also like to extend my appreciation for your follow-up, introduction to the Vancouver Board of Trade, and suggestions for marketing our product.

You definitely demonstrate a genuine care for your customers by going the extra mile."

Manager, Yacht Charters, Vancouver, B.C.


I recommend Claire as an outstanding professional in the Training field. Her extensive experience in the hotel industry makes her a good person to plan and implement training programs.

Her experience enables a good understanding of operational issues and facilitates all-round understanding. Her encouragement, enthusiasm and dedication to her area of expertise impressed us and left us more confident of our abilities.

Our Hotel has benefited from Claire's direction in preparing our Heads of Departments to systematically prepare lesson plans and evaluate lesson outcomes.

Her extensive experience in Hospitality enables a good understanding of operational issues.

Our Department Heads now feel confident in delivering the supervision classes that would teach a range of personal and interpersonal skills to our supervisory staff. By the end of The Design and Delivery of Training Seminar we felt more confident of our abilities to train and develop our team."

General Manager
The Inn at False Creek, Quality Hotel, Vancouver, B.C.


The Training Course was delivered in a pleasant manner and easily comprehended. I have already instituted changes in training procedures in my business and can see positive results in behaviour patterns and work methods.

The information conveyed has helped me to evaluate my existing training programs, better organize and define the content of these programs, and clearly set and improve training goals and objectives. Results have been achieved as planned. This has already saved me time.

The course has motivated me to invest more time and effort to self-develop and apply my know-how in a more practical manner."

Executive Chef, Exclusive Golf Club, Vancouver, B.C.


We are very satisfied with the re-organization of our Housekeeping Department - actually, more than satisfied..."

Vice President - Finance, 200-room Time-Share Hotel, Whistler, B.C.


I like the way you incorporated industry information, business trends and safety training in the new Employee Handbook, and I especially liked your idea of having the Employee Handbook become a "live tool" - and not "for the bookshelves".

General Manager, Franchise Hotel, Vancouver, B.C.


Thank you for an excellent presentation on Careers in the Hospitality Industry at our Career Fair. You provided valuable information to students and parents of this school, and they appreciate it very much."

Anne Meyer, Career Advisor
South Delta Secondary School, South Delta, B.C.


I wish to compliment you on your drive, initiative and creativity in developing a North American market for our specialized scanners though you were new to the high-tech industry."

Moshe Rafael, President
SGI Scan Group Ltd., Haifa, Israel



Congratulations! You must be proud and you deserve it! I'll proudly look for those articles and save them. Besides... I couldn't ask for a better mentor in this business.

It's funny but your advice still echoes through my ears with every related situation that arises in this biz... I've been living by it!. Thanks again......It's seems to be paying off.


Judy Kwiatkowski, Sales and Events Coordinator
Homewood Suites Hotel, Michigan, U.S.A.- June 1998


I "met" Claire in one of the "streets" of the Internet. We discussed ways to promote my hotel which is a small hotel at the center of Jerusalem. After I explained her how we operate, she prepared me a promotion letter to be sent with each check that I send to the travel agents.

The professional letter had an immediate effect. For the first time I got comments from the Travel agents to my letter. Till now they only cashed the attached check. That letter made a direct hit like a "TOMAHAWK MISSILE".

That was a great job. Thanks Claire

Tody Warshavsky, General Manager
Palatin Hotel Jerusalem


" I wish this forum (Customer Service Viewpoints Forum of Easytraining Claire great success!

IMO, forum participants will find in Claire a really good friend and colleague; a thoroughly knowledgeable and seasoned professional; someone who would be willing to do whatever it might take for helping people succeed; and, overall, a first class expert-consultant.

I should know. I found Claire some weeks ago through a forum such as this, and since then she has proven to me that she is someone who is both competent and a real human being, a rarity in our days.

So, again Good luck Claire!

Costas Chantzis, President
Techno Business Solutions, Glen Rock, New Jersey
NJ 07452 Tel: 201.652.6668 Fax: 201.652.5569


Date: Fri, 05 Jun 1998 22:02:14 +0200
From: "Martín Capón Borrego" mcb@webhouse.es
Organization: G.V.S.
To: Claire

Subject: Thank you


I like your article in VirtualPromote Gazette #53 (Marketing your Business, Product or Service on the Web). It was helpful and nice.

Good luck from Spain. Keep up!!

Martín (G.V.S. España) Gentes viajeras y sociables



Thank you so much for your input regarding cross training of "difficult employees/managers". I've since used your advice to create energy between my teams by having my employees cross train to their own team members' jobs before cross training to other teams.

I've still got it going on a small scale and it seems to be producing some interesting effects for me. In general, I'm creating my own internal promotable talent pool, and keeping more menial type workers from becoming too stagnated in dead end job choices.

CEO of a high-tech company in the U.S.A. (1998)


I am a student at the University of Georgia. I am presently taking a personnel management course. Request permission to share with the class your paper on Maslow's hierarchy needs. You have done an excellent job, and I think that we can all benefit.

Student, U.S.A.


From: "Gateway Women's Centre" gateway@thezone.net
Subject: Very Impressed
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 14:42:14 -0330

Dear Claire:

I would like to compliment you on a report that you wrote regarding: Training and Development, "Achieving Results by focusing on the Human Factor." Personally I think you have hit the nail right on the head. I have been thinking on these lines for a long time but could not find the appropriate words to describe how I was feeling, until I read your piece.

You can see it so plainly everywhere we go into today's society there is no value placed training and development anymore( I question whether their ever was) How important the little things count in our every day life and how people assume that their is no need for this because they don't even consider the word human and what it means. To think about their needs, beliefs, backgrounds, ideas and aspirations is not even entered into their train of thought only what the outcome is and what needs to be done. Many times I see people devaluing amongst people vs. people and classifying people into lots and categories and it rubs me the wrong way. WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT I OFTEN SAY TO MYSELF.

I would love the opportunity to either view your programs, have your services brought to our community or work with you in some way. I would appreciate hearing from you. I can be e-mailed at gateway@thezone.net I was wondering if you have a catalogue that I could view as well. You can forward any material or information at the following:

Career Information Center C/O Diane Taylor
P.O. Box 283, Port aux Basques, Newfoundland A0M 1C0, Canada


Diane Taylor


From: Winifred Barton wbarton@reach.net
Subject: Networking

Dear Claire: I APPRECIATE the information below - it sounds like the best advice we have ever had. All your posting add up to COMMON SENSE which is really all we need in the final analysis.

Warm regards - Winifred Barton.

Bartonian Metaphysical Society,
Box 415, Frankford, Ontario,
Canada, KOK 2CO
Established December 7, 1967
Phone: (613) 398-0331
"By their fruit shall ye know them."



I've enjoyed your postings to Hrnet (of Cornell University), and that prompted me to visit your web site. I downloaded two of your articles dealing with customer service. Even though we are a water district, not a retail organisation, the principles you espouse hold as true for us as they do in the hospitality industry.

Roger Lubin
Personnel Director
Yorba Linda Water District
Yorba Linda, CA 92886


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